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Union members vote to end North Sea strike action


Unite members have voted to accept Wood Group’s fresh proposals on changes to their contracts. The move comes after weeks of talks following the first strike action in more than a generation. Hundreds of workers backed industrial action across seven of Shell’s North Sea assets. More on this story on Energy Voice.

More strikes are to take place

Unions ramp up North Sea strike action


The RMT Union has announced nine 24-hour strikes will be held between August 15 and 31. A total of 12 six-hour stoppages will also take place between August 16 and September 3. The move comes as further strike action is expected tomorrow with two three-hour stoppages. For the full story, visit Energy Voice.


Workers down manned from Beatrice after power failure


Workers have been down manned from the Beatrice Alpha installation after a power failure. Wood Group said 17 non-essential personnel were taken of the installation following the incident. A total of 20 workers currently remain on board. For the full story, visit Energy Voice.