The Tiguan has proved immensely popular for Volkswagen

First Drive: Can the updated Volkswagen Tiguan build on its predecessor’s success?


What is it? It seems difficult to imagine the popularity of the SUV faltering. Certainly, with manufacturers seemingly releasing a new high-riding car every other week, it reflects an overwhelming appetite for SUVs. The Volkswagen Tiguan has shared more than its fair share of this success, too, with more than six million units shifted worldwide since its release back in 2007.

Updates have been applied across the board for the CX-5

The cars being given an update for 2021


A bit of nip-tuck goes a long way, particularly in the motoring world. Manufacturers often choose to give a ‘facelift’ to their cars mid-way through their lifecycle in order to revitalise interest and, as a result, boost sales.