1980: Passengers wait on the concourse at Aberdeen Joint Station.
The Aberdonian

Gallery: Aberdeen Train Station through the decades


The train station, as it stands now, was constructed just prior to WW1, replacing a 1867 structure of the same now. The original sandstone frontage was revamped during the construction of Union Square, however these archive images focus on the period it was operated by British Rail.

1988: The new front exterior of Grampian Television in Queen’s Cross, Aberdeen.
The Aberdonian

Gallery: Putting Grampian TV in focus


Now known as STV, the former tv franchise covered the north-east for 45 years. Launching on September 30 1961, the channel covered everything from news and current affairs to documentaries, sport, children’s and Gaelic. Today, we take a look through our archives at some behind the scenes images from the channel.  

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