New Autumn-themed Fiat 500 Collezione lands


Fiat has revealed the latest addition to its Collezione range of city cars. Acting as fashionable trim levels for the 500, the brand launches two Collezione models a year – a spring model and an autumn model.


The best used 4x4s for under £4,000


A great number of the population opt for a four-wheel drive car, and they often have very different reasons for doing so. For some, it may be a necessity — with those who live in particularly rural areas relying on the added traction of a four-wheel drive vehicle (not to mention the extra ruggedness and ride height that often comes along with this drivetrain) to get them where they need to go.


First Drive: Fiat’s updated 500X is a cutie in and out of the city


What is it? Whichever Fiat board member suggested expanding the 500 range beyond the cute city car is a genius. Though the iconic 500s two larger siblings – the 500L and 500X – aren’t best-sellers in the UK, they lead their respective segments on the continent and make the Italian brand a tidy packet.