The Polestar’s design gets heads turning

Road Test of the Year 2020: Polestar 2


Polestar. It’s a company which, for many years, became synonymous with creating go-faster Volvos, adding a certain Scandi flick of performance to many of the firm’s otherwise quite normal cars. Even recently, we’ve seen ‘Polestar Engineered’-badged Volvo models hit the market, catering for those who want a Volvo but with a healthy dose of performance-based excitement.

The e-C4 remains composed on the open road

First Drive: Is Citroen’s e-C4 the ideal everyday EV?


What is it? Manufacturers need to acknowledge the electric future that we’re all heading towards. Many have been busy bringing all manner of EVs to market but Citroen has remained largely quiet, save for three electric commercial vehicles and a hybrid version of its C5 Aircross SUV.

The EQC feels composed at higher speeds

First Drive: The Mercedes-Benz EQC takes on premium EV rivals


What is it? As we’re all aware, the electric segment is one which is quickly rising in importance as we approach a time when all new things petrol and diesel-powered will be outlawed. As a result, we’re getting some serious variety when it comes to EVs, with battery-powered cars of all shapes and sizes coming to market.

The number of charging points at motorway service stations varies wildly

The key things to know about electric vehicles


It’s likely that over the next few years electric vehicles will become an even more crucial part of how we get from A to B. As more emphasis is put upon drivers to make the switch from petrol and diesel to EV, motorists will need to get up to speed with an altogether different set of requirements.