Brad Pitt

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Allied (15)


With a protracted opening sequence set in 1942 French Morocco, Robert Zemeckis' old-fashioned espionage thriller explicitly doffs its fedora to the film Casablanca and a bygone era of sweeping romances.

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Review: The Big Short


A fool and his hard-earned money are soon parted and in 2008, many of us turned out to be unwitting fools when the mortgage crisis in America catalysed the collapse of financial institutions, resulting in an ice age of global austerity that has yet to thaw.

RELATIONSHIP TROUBLE:  The joint on-screen endeavour of the real life husband and wife fails to articulate the strife of its central characters.

By The Sea (15)


Achingly cool style casts a disdainful glance at substance in Angelina Jolie Pitt's languorous examination of marital discord set in a 1970s resort in the south of France.