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Long-term report: A baptism of fire for our Kia Ceed SW


We’re sent a great number of cars to test here, and many of them aim for excitement with powerful engines, shiny styling additions and a list of equipment as long as your arm. That’s all well and good, but even the most extensive spec sheet can’t cover up a car that’s simply a pain to live with.


First drive: Citroen’s C5 Aircross is a unique offering in the SUV class


What is it? Citroen has a history of producing cars that focus on the quality of the ride over anything else – most famously, the DS19 with its incredible ‘magic carpet’ suspension that would glide over any bump, ironing out potholes or uneven surfaces. The C5 Aircross is a completely new model for Citroen in Europe, although a slightly different version went on sale in China last year, and it combines the great features of the C3 Aircross and C4 Cactus into a larger, more premium package.