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Wolves lament the loss of their virtual home

(Chris Radburn/PA)

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ return to the Premier League after a six-year hiatus may have brought joy to fans, bountiful financial gains and good-old-fashioned success – but it came at a troubling virtual cost.

On Fifa 19, the football computer game due out on September 28, the team will no longer play at Ivy Lane.

There is a silver lining though, Ivy Lane isn’t actually a real stadium, it’s a made-up one created by game-creator EA Sports for teams outside of the world’s top leagues.

Instead of the generic ground, Wolves will be playing at Molyneux, their real-life home for 130 years, for the first time in the video game’s history.

Ivy Lane will not be forgotten by the club though, a point they wanted to drive home.

A touching tribute, and one the fans were very much on board with.

Ivy Lane is one of 29 generic stadiums which will feature on Fifa 19, so will still be used by many lower-ranked teams as their home ground.

For Wolves at least though, Ivy Lane has done its time and done them proud.