Red Cross postpones aid second convoy to Syria’s rebel-held eastern Ghouta

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A second convoy due to carry aid to the besieged rebel-held eastern suburbs of Damascus has been postponed because of violence in the Syrian capital, the International Committee of the Red Cross has said.

Ingy Sedky, the ICRC’s spokeswoman in Syria, said Thursday’s “convoy is postponed. No confirmation yet on when it will take place.”

The postponement came as government forces intensified their offensive in the area, known as eastern Ghouta, under the cover of air strikes.

Ms Sedky added that “the situation is evolving rapidly on the ground, which doesn’t allow us to carry out the operation in such conditions”.

Earlier this week, the first convoy in weeks made it into eastern Ghouta, but 14 of the 46 trucks were not able to fully offload critical humanitarian supplies because of stepped-up violence.