WhatsApp can now play Facebook and Instagram videos within the app

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WhatsApp users can now watch videos from Facebook and Instagram without leaving the messaging app, following an update.

As a result, links posted into chats for Facebook and Instagram videos will no longer divert users to those respective apps when tapped.

Instead, they will open and play within the WhatsApp conversation where it was posted.

Screenshot of WhatsApp
(WhatsApp Screenshot)

The feature also supports a picture-in-picture mode, meaning users can keep watching a video while navigating to other parts of WhatsApp.

Such a linking of features makes sense, given WhatsApp and Instagram are both owned by Facebook.

Within the same update is a new ability to apply and revoke admin rights to other participants in a group chat and give group admins the power to change the subject, description and icon of a chat.

However, the update is only rolling out on iOS for now, with no word as yet on when it will also be made available on Android.