Scots urged to prepare for emergencies in government campaign

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The Deputy First Minister has urged people across Scotland to prepare for emergencies including severe weather, travel problems and online safety.

John Swinney spoke ahead of the Scottish Government’s annual Resilience Week, which brings together the Government, emergency services and other agencies to raise awareness of how to plan ahead for a range of threats.

Each day of the campaign running from Monday to Friday will focus on a different aspect, including preparing homes for flooding, developing plans for severe weather and tackling cyber safety.

It will also look at preparing for transport disruption by carrying an emergency travel kit, and encouraging people to take care of their winter health by having a flu vaccination if recommended.

Mr Swinney said: “I would urge everyone to take just a few minutes this week to think about how prepared they are for the unexpected.

“Every one of us has the power and ability to make a real difference right now both for ourselves and for others.

“Take a moment to think about your home, your families, your neighbours, your friends, and about anybody you know who may be particularly vulnerable.

“Think about what would be useful to have in an emergency, and what simple steps you could take now to get ready and keep safe.

“Together we can ensure that Scotland responds to and recovers well from any emergency that confronts us.”

Bernard Higgins, Assistant Chief Constable for operational support at Police Scotland, said the preparedness of the public is a key element in helping to respond to emergencies.