Firearms offences in Scotland are at a record low

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Guns taken out of circulation and to be destroyed by putting them into a metal shredder called the Euro-Shear Machine which cuts the guns into pieces, viewed during a Scotland Yard photocall in London. *25/10/01…The rate of crime in England and Wales showed its biggest ever annual fall, a drop of 12% between 1999 and 2000, according to the British Crime Survey, which is published. Violent crime fell by 19%, domestic burglary by 17%, other household thefts by 16% and vehicle-related thefts by 11%, according to the survey of 9,000 people in England and Wales who were interviewed about their experience of crime in the year 2000. 09/01/03 Home Office figures released, showed that gun crime soared by 35% in 2001/2002. The increase included a rise of 46% in the use of handguns while the number of robberies involving guns was up 34%. 25/11/2003 A new system to crack down on gun crime goes live, Tuesday 25 NOvember 2003, as the Home Office was due to launch its National Firearms Forensic Intelligence Database (NFFID) in a bid to improve the way police tackle gun crime in England and Wales. State-of-the-art technology was expected to give police better intelligence on criminal use of firearms