Killer of Aberdeen mum locked up ‘indefinitely’ after pulling knife on psychiatrist

A MAN who killed an Aberdeen mum has been detained in a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period of time after pulling a knife on his psychiatrist.

Joseph Harrison, 38, was jailed for killing Susan Third after she propositioned him in the city 2005.

He strangled Susan, 21, who was working in Aberdeen as a prostitute, before dumping her body near Catterline.

He was released from his six year sentence early in February 2009 despite still being deemed to pose a high risk of serious harm.

Now Harrison, from Brechin, has been detained for an indefinite period of time after admitting pulling a knife on his psychiatrist during a consultation.

He plead guilty to having an offensive weapon within the hospital last year and his sentence was deferred social work and psychiatrists’ reports.

When he appeared at Perth Sheriff Court, Harrison was made the subject of a compulsion order to be detained at Murray Royal psychiatric hospital in Perth without limit of time.