Aberdeen student attacked by gull in street

AN ABERDEEN student today spoke of the moment he was left with a cut lip as a seagull snatched food from his mouth.

Robert Cruickshanks, of Aberdeen, said he was targeted by the bird in the Gallowgate area of Aberdeen.

The 22-year-old said he had been eating a small bit of focaccia bread when the bird swooped.

The self-employed IT worker and student said: “A couple of seagulls were harassing me and following me around.

“I then got hit in the face by a seagull.

“It bust my lip open and grabbed the piece of food out of my mouth as I was eating it it stuck its beak in my mouth.”

The University of Aberdeen medical science student said: “It was pretty strange and was shocking.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “The herring gull is on the RSPB’s red list, affording it the highest possible conservation status.

“This means that the council is extremely limited in any action it can take to control the population.

“Aberdeen City Council’s housing repairs team undertakes an annual programme of nest and egg removal from council-owned public and domestic buildings. “