This is the world’s first production-ready flying car

Flying cars are no new idea, with companies for decades promising machinery that can take to both the skies and roads – but almost all fade away never to see the light of day. Well, thanks to Dutch company PAL-V, it looks like one may finally become reality.

This is the Liberty, the “world’s first flying car production model”, which has been unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s been in development for a decade and is set to go on sale to the public in 2019.

Unlike most flying car concepts, which have fixed wings to create an aeroplane-like vehicle, the PAL-V Liberty adds a gyroplane engine and retractable propellers to a tilting sports car body – making it more akin to a helicopter.

This means it can take-off and land in a short distance – ideal for making this a practical vehicle both on the road and in the sky. Its Dutch manufacturer also claims this will allow it to fly in turbulent weather, when fixed-wing alternatives could not.

On the ground, the Liberty can achieve speeds of up to 106mph and, perhaps more impressively, 112mph while in the air. It can also cover 311 miles between fuel stops.

PAL-V is taking pre-orders now for interested customers, with first deliveries following next year. If you want one, now might be the time to start flying lessons as you’ll need a pilot’s licence to be able to take it to the sky.