Katherine Jenkins: I don’t think I’ll have a third child – two is full-on

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Katherine Jenkins says two children is ‘full-on’ (David Jensen/PA)

Katherine Jenkins has said she and her husband have decided they do not want to have a third child, because two is enough.

The Welsh opera singer welcomed son Xander earlier this year with husband Andrew Levitas, and they also have three-year-old daughter Aaliyah.

Jenkins, 38, told The Jonathan Ross show: “I think two is quite full-on.

“I love it, having kids has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, obviously apart from my husband of course, but I think having one of each has secured that I don’t think we need to go for a third.”

The Jonathan Ross Show
Nish Kumar, Chris O’Dowd, Jonathan Ross, Katherine Jenkins and Eric Idle on The Jonathan Ross Show (Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX/Shutterstock)

The singer said she did not want to stop working after having children, because she wanted to be an inspiration.

She said: “I absolutely love what I do. Having the children, I thought, having been on tour for such a long time, that I was going to stop and take some time out.

“But having a daughter, I wanted to inspire her by showing her that I am passionate and dedicated to something so it didn’t really seem that I wanted to take that much time off because I think I would really miss it.”

Jenkins added: “I love taking them with me to concerts.

“I am probably my most excited when I get to take them to rehearsal and they are running around the orchestra and Aaliyah is trying to steal my sparkly microphone off of me.”

During her appearance on the chat show, along with fellow guests Eric Idle, Chris O’Dowd and Nish Kumar, Jenkins also revealed the secret to maintaining her voice – silence for a day at a time.

“When I’m on tour I don’t speak between the shows so I come off stage and I’ll go for at least 24 hours of absolute silence,” she said.

“Not a word. It actually works. If you ever lose your voice, the voice is a muscle so it has to have complete rest.

“You can’t even whisper. I mouth and expect people to lip read or expect my husband to understand me.

“He actually loves it when I’m on voice rest and he waits for the moment where I can’t answer back and then he drops something that is really going to wind me up!”

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