Vandals destroy hives full of bees in ‘sickening’ Angus fruit farm attack

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Callous vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and destroyed hives of bumblebees in a senseless weekend rampage at an Angus farm.

In the latest of a long-running series of incidents to plague the fruit-growing operation on the edge of Arbroath, staff arrived at East Seaton on Sunday morning to find polytunnels trashed and the beehives smashed in a wanton trail of destruction.

The senseless loss of the pollinating bees has particularly angered farm manager Allen Innes and could prove a major setback to the farm as it prepares for the fruit season getting into full swing.

Young vandals have been a constant headache for the business close to the popular Arbroath cliffs area, including another costly attack almost exactly a year ago.

However, the mindless nature of the latest incident has shocked and angered Mr Innes.

Speaking to The Courier he said: “They’ve gone running through the tunnels and cut holes in the plastic, which we replaced around this time last year after another incident.

“But what has really sickened me is that they have kicked all the bumblebee hives and destroyed them completely.”

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