Man says he heard woman shout his brother-in-law was stabbed

Forensics at Fernie Place

The brother-in-law of a man allegedly murdered told a trial he heard a woman shout: “He’s been stabbed.”

David Graham, 36, from Fraserburgh, was giving evidence at the trial of John Henderson, 47, Gary Martin, 37, Joseph Martin, 40, Thomas Martin , 45, David Graham, 46, Barry Martin, 32, James Connor, 52, and Dean Leech, 25.

They deny murdering Gary Clampett by hitting him with knives, a machete, a sword, a chain, a hammer, a crowbar, a wrench, a stick, bats, golf clubs, poles and a metal bat in Fraserburgh’s Fernie Place on June 18, last year.

Mr Graham told the High Court in Glasgow he was wakened at around 3.40am on June 18, by his sister Sharon Clampett, her husband Gary Clampett and their friend Rena Sutherland knocking on his door.

He said they stayed for a few minutes, then Mr Clampett went next door to the house of Kelly Martin and her partner David Graham, who is one of the men on trial for murder.

The three left, but returned again five minutes later.

Mr Graham said that as he stood at his door a car pulled up and men got out.

The witness told prosecutor Paul Kearney that he saw a claw hammer, a crow bar and a white or silver stick.

Mr Graham told the jury that he saw Gary Martin with a hammer and Barry Martin with a crowbar.

He was asked by Donald Findlay QC, representing Gary Martin: “Did you see Gary Martin hit Gary Clampett,” and replied: “No I didn’t see him strike Gary Clampett.”

The witness told the court that his sister ran past him out the door shouting: “Get weapons.”

He said he looked for a golf club in a space under the stairs, but could not find it and went upstairs to look for a weapon there.

Mr Graham said: “I went back to the front door and saw my sister chasing the car.

“From the kitchen I could hear Rena shouting ‘Gary’s been stabbed’.”

He was asked if Gary Clampett had still been outside when his wife ran outside and replied: “Yes.”

Mr Graham agreed that Mr Clampett must have gone back into the house while he was upstairs searching for weapons.

The trial, before judge Lord Beckett, continues.