Flag football: Aberdeen Oilcats coach hailing growth into second team as ‘fantastic’ development

Aberdeen Oilcats - Receiver Greg Sim hauls in a catch against Edinburgh Outlaws.

The Aberdeen Oilcats will launch a second team this year – the first time the club have done so.

Due to an increase in player numbers and a change in the structure of the British American Flag Football League, the Granite City outfit will now have two sides.

This year there will be a Premier League and a First Division and the Oilcats will have a team in each.

Head coach Mike Scott is delighted they have been able to launch a second side and revealed it is something they have been wanting to do for a few years.

He said: “It is definitely a sign of progression and growth.

“It’s something we’ve been aiming for during the last couple of years and we’ve been on the cusp of doing it in terms of numbers.

“But this is the right time to do it with the league realignment, and because we’ve had a bit of a numbers boost again.

“It’s something we’re certainly excited about doing and I think it can really help to grow the club.

“The worst case is if you have one team and the numbers outgrow the team, and then you have people who don’t stay because they don’t have opportunities to play.

“So hopefully this will give us more opportunities for people to play and stick with it, and that should help us grow the club further. If you think from where we’ve started, and had quite low numbers.

“To see where we’ve grown to now having really good turn-outs for training each week and at the point where we need to put in a second team, it’s fantastic.

“We’ve got plenty of other things planned as well for 2018 that we want to push on with to grow the club even more.”

The new league season starts in April for the Oilcats, but before then they have a number of tournaments to prepare them for the campaign.

Scott added: “We have various tournaments that we’ll be playing in before the start of the season. The first one is down near Glasgow at the end of January and we have a few others scheduled as well.

“There are plenty of things on as we prepare for the start of the season.”

Tomorrow the Oilcats are hoping they can recruit even more players as they hold their second rookie day.

The first took place on December 3 and tomorrow’s session runs from 12.30-2pm at Aberdeen Sports Village.

Scott was pleased with the turn-out for the first rookie day.

He said: “We got a good turn-out and it was a good day.

“I think there were quite a lot of people who would’ve come but couldn’t manage because of Christmas shopping and other things before Christmas.

“Hopefully we’ll get a lot of those people who couldn’t manage coming back for this one, and hopefully a few other faces who hadn’t heard about it before.”