Watch: Aberdeen university fighters looking to make mark as national event to hit home

Aberdeen University Boxing Club today said they are determined to graduate top of their class when they host the SSS Scottish University Boxing Championships this weekend.

The competition, which is being held at Hillhead Student Village Hall, will see 40 boxers from seven universities battle it out in what is the first national amateur championships to take place in the Granite City in eight years.

Samm Anga, and Vice-Captain, Ed Eadie

Boxing will take place from 1pm each day on both Saturday and Sunday in the seven male and four female categories, with tickets for the public costing £3 per day, which can be paid for on the door.

Aberdeen Uni vice-captain Ed Eadie insisted they are hoping a noisy home support can help lift their boxers to glory.

“We are thoroughly looking forward to it, it is the biggest event of the year for university boxers,” said the third year business student.

“Leading up to the event there is always a little bit of nerves, but there is always something refreshing about it being a home show.

“We should have a good turn-out and good amount of support.

“I really hope we are going to get good backing and we will see what will happen this weekend.

“We know that other universities will be looking to come up to make their mark, but we have to try to win at home.

“I am feeling quite confident.”

Captain, Samm Anga, and Vice-Captain, Ed Eadie

Unlike other boxing competitions, this weekend’s event will also have a team element, with a trophy going to the university that picks up the most medals overall.

Aberdeen Uni BC go into the competition as defending champions after lifting the trophy at last year’s event in Dundee and will be hoping their 15 boxers can do the club proud once again.

“Being one of the captains there is a bit of pressure knowing we can’t really afford to lose it,” Ed added.

“At the end of the day it goes to the best team, so we hope we are going to win.

“It definitely makes the competition a bit unique as you are not just representing your club, you are also representing the institution.”

However, while the Aberdeen Uni boxers are focused on winning for their club, there is also the intriguing possibility of two of their students being drawn against each other.

Interestingly, both vice-captain Ed and captain Samuel Anga are entered into the eight-man welterweight category and could be pulled out of the hat to face one another in Saturday’s draw.

It would not be the first time either, with exactly that happening at the North District Championships in November, with Ed winning a split decision.

Samuel, a second-year English student, said: “Myself and Ed had sparred around 100 rounds before, so it just felt like sparring at the North District Championships.

“But in other bouts the guys really go for it, and you are completely exhausted at the end, so it was a completely different experience as you do hold something back.

“But if it happens again I will just have to go for it, because it is a bout at the end of the day.

“It was a split decision last time, so it was really close. I’m sure it would be really competitive again if it happened a second time around.”