Sterling comes Thundering in to take revenge at Wrestlezone’s Aberdeen Anarchy

William Sterling and Blue Thunder in less friendly times.
William Sterling and Blue Thunder in less friendly times.

Six-time Wrestlezone tag-team champion William Sterling has vowed to gain revenge on his bitter rivals by adding yet another belt at Aberdeen Anarchy tonight.

In an unlikely alliance Sterling will team up with Blue Thunder as three teams collide in a steel cage match for the tag-team title at the Beach Leisure Centre.

Sterling and Blue Thunder will face defending champions Kings of Catch and the team of Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions.

There is bad blood between Sterling and the Swift-Lions team as they were pivotal in forcing the disbandment of his team Sterling Oil at the last Aberdeen Anarchy.

In that event on September 1 last year Sterling Oil faced off against a Wrestlezone star team that included Swift and Lions.

The stipulation was that Sterling Oil must disband if defeated.

Having been forced to see his team break up, Sterling is desperate for payback tonight.

He said: “I am looking for revenge and the tag-team titles at Aberdeen Anarchy.

“Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions brought down everything I had built with Sterling Oil.

“At last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy I watched Swift and Lions celebrate the end of Sterling Oil.

“This time they are going to celebrate myself and Blue Thunder lifting the tag-team championship.

“Kings of Catch are collateral damage in my bid for revenge and also for the title belts.

“As holders, Kings of Catch have the belts and we want them.”

In a previous partnership with Blue Thunder, Sterling claimed the tag-team title. He also won it five times with Sterling Oil.

Now he will bid for a seventh gold belt – inside a daunting steel cage towering over the ring.

Sterling said: “It is the old-style WWF cage which makes it really exciting.

“That cage is hard on the body but we aim to come out on top.”

Aberdeen Anarchy will also see WWE legend Pac in action as the former WWE Cruiserweight and NXT Champion faces Zach Dynamite.

A two time Tri-Counties champion, Dynamite said: “For Pac this is maybe business as usual but for me this match is everything.

“I have worked my entire career for a moment like this. Everyone knows Pac is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

“I will give everything and when the dust settles I will be standing victorious. Even if my best is not good enough I have an insurance policy.”

Another highlight is the clash for the Undisputed Championship belt between holder Rudo Lightning and recently deposed champion Damien.

Lightning controversially secured the Undisputed Championship title after the recent Regal Rumble when he tricked Damien into a match.

Damien said: “Rudo referred to himself as Wrestlezon’e biggest nightmare and really thinks he is something new.

“Does he really think he is something innovative up here?

“For 10 years up here I was this place’s biggest nightmare.

“Does Rudo think I have forgotten how to be that again?

“After the Drew Galloway Tournament was finished I went up to Rudo out of respect for him as a wrestler and a coach.

“I asked him if there was anything at all I could do to improve myself. He was complimentary but said he expected a bit more aggression from me.

“At Aberdeen Anarchy Rudo will see all the aggression he expected – and then some.”

The Tri-Counties title will be on the line when Mr P defends against Andy Wild, Shawn Johnson and Jason Reed.

Johnson has vowed to become the first wrestler to secure a grand slam of titles.

Johnson said: “I am a former four-time Wrestlezone tag-team champion, former regal rumble winner and two-time undisputed champion.

“I have main evented Aberdeen Anarchy twice, two years in a row.

“There is one prize which has escaped me and that is the Wrestlezone Tri-Counties championship.

“At Aberdeen Anarchy that changes as I will become the first triple crown champion.”

Meanwhile, Crusher Craib will battle a triple threat match with ICW world heavyweight champion Lionheart and Bingo Ballance.

Since returning from a serious hip injury sustained at Aberdeen Anarchy 2016, Craib has suffered only one defeat – to Lionheart in Glasgow.

He wants payback tonight.

Crusher said: “I have been destroying the competition in Wrestlezone for 10 years now.

“I need tougher competition. That is why they have decided to put me in a triple threat match against one of the most under-rated wrestlers in Europe today in Bingo Ballance and the ICW world heavyweight champion Lionheart.

“Bingo is great at what he does, flying about and little flips. But that will not be enough to get the job done because he does not have what it takes to beat me.

“Last year I debuted in ICW and went one-on-one with Lionheart and in the record books it shows you pinned me for the one, two, three.

“But all the fans and everyone who was in the building that night knows who the real winner is because I destroyed him within an inch of his life.

“At Aberdeen Anarchy they will walk into my playground. Believe me when I say I crush both of them and will then pin whichever one I want.

“Then I will walk out – still unpinned.”

In other matches Alan Sterling faces Grado, while Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley face The Outfit and The Rejected.