Roll up, roll up and try your hand at Brawling! Roller Derby taster sessions in Aberdeen

Granite City Brawlers.

Aberdeen’s men’s roller derby team are inviting all-comers to try out the sport this weekend – with the first of a trio of taster sessions.

Granite City Brawlers are hosting the session at Aberdeen Lads Club on Friday, with further opportunities on January 19 and 26.

The Brawlers’ league president Chris Mathieson, who has skated with the club since their inception in 2013 and is a Scotland international, said: “Roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and Granite City Brawlers are helping that by opening up our January sessions to new skaters.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never skated before, we have all the equipment you need to take part in this fun, fast and physical sport.

“We recommend wearing non-restrictive clothing like shorts and t-shirt to help you move freely on skates, and bringing a bottle of water as skating can be thirsty work.

“The taster sessions will take you through the basic skating skills you need for roller derby. “Everything is done at your own pace, so don’t worry if you don’t pick up a skill straight away, our coaches are very friendly and there to help you at all times.

“All of our skaters train at the same time, so you’ll get to meet the team at your first session and be integrated into the Brawler way of life from day one.”

Granite City Brawlers are also looking for referees, for those who don’t feel up to the physical side of roller derby.

The rules are simple. The game is played between two teams on an oval-shaped track, on which players travel counter-clockwise.

Full teams are made up of 14 players on roller skates, but at any one time there are only five players from each on the track.

Of these five, four are blockers and one is a jammer – the jammers try to get round the track, with a point for each blocker they pass, while the blockers try to stop them doing so.

The blockers also try to help their own jammer round the track. One match lasts an hour, and is made up of 30 to 40 two-minute jams.

All of the sessions run from 7-9pm and are free.