Freestyle skier Kirsty would flipping love making Olympics

Kirsty Muir in action. 
Picture by Heather Fowlie
Kirsty Muir in action. Picture by Heather Fowlie

A 15-year-old international freestyle skier from the north-east has set her sights on the Winter Olympics.

Kirsty Muir, a Bucksburn Academy pupil, has been skiing since she was a toddler.

And after being selected for Great Britain’s main park and pipe team she continues to train at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre.

The 2022 Winter Games will be held in Beijing and Kirsty admits she’d “love” to be there.

She said: “I definitely would love to do the Olympics, but I just want to be the best I can be.

“If I am able to go to the Olympics that would be amazing, but I just want to train.

“People think it’s really cool and they always ask about things like the Olympics, but I just say I’m just going to see how it goes.”

Kirsty competes in big air, slopestyle and half pipe, and has won titles at British level.

In her short career, Kirsty has also medalled in the 2018 Junior World Championships in New Zealand, then Italy’s Europa Cup and, most recently, this year’s World Junior Championships in Sweden.

Kirsty Muir.

Also successful at last year’s Aberdeen’s Sports Awards, she says her passion for the sport comes from the hi-octane tricks.

She said: “There’s such a variety of what you can do. There are so many different tricks and different variations of the tricks to learn and it’s just really fun.

“There are definitely times where it scares me, learning new tricks and things like that does scare you – but you’ve got to do it if you want to progress.

“I work with my coaches to build up to it the best I can and then when it’s time to do it you just have to try it and see how it goes – do your best just to land it.”

Coach Rob Wilkinson said: “It’s great working with her here, especially seeing her come up from the entry level everyone starts with at our slope, then working all the way up, learning major milestones here.

“Working with the rest of the team, there’s a lot of talent in places like this.

“(Her wins) have been awesome, I’ve been really impressed.

“Obviously it didn’t come out of the blue or anything and she’s been working really hard.

“You know the tricks she’s been doing are world class, but it’s a bit different to actually have them shown out on a world-class stage and to have a reception like that was really cool.”

Kirsty added: “I love doing big laid-out backflips and just making things stylish with grabs – just making the tricks look as good as they can be.

“It’s really good once you’ve got it because it just looks so good and feels good.”