Wrestling: ‘Brad’ blood fuels grudge match as Newtonhill bill Fully Loaded with potential

Zach Dynamite, right. Picture by Brian Battensby

Dethroned Wrestlezone Tri-Counties champion Zach Dynamite today vowed to get revenge on former protégé Bradley Evans for his title loss.

Dynamite lost out to Aspen Faith at the recent Summerhill Showdown and blamed Evans for the defeat.

Now Dynamite, aka Fully Loaded, aims to settle a score when he goes head to head with Evans at Newtonhill tonight.

Evans was ringside in that title match as Dynamite’s second, with Sammii Jayne backing up Faith.

A fateful slip-up from Evans momentarily distracted Dynamite and Faith, aka King of Catch, capitalised with a massive piledriver that was enough for the three-count.

Dynamite said: “I am without my Wrestlezone Tri-Counties championship and it is not because Aspen Faith beat me at Summerhill Showdown.

“It is not because Aspen Faith is better than me.

“The reason I am no longer Tri-Counties champion is down to one man, my so-called best friend and so called protégé Bradley Evans.

“If he had done his job right at Summerhill Showdown I would still be Wrestlezone Tri-Counties champion.

“If Bradley Evans had my back like he was meant to I would still be champion.”

Dynamite and Evans will battle tonight at the Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill, as part of a strong line-up of family friendly wrestling action.

Dynamite is determined to reclaim the Tri-Counties title, but his first target is overcoming Evans in the grudge match.

He said: “Evans is only relevant and important because he rode my coat-tails all year.

“I do not forgive and I do not forget.

“At Newtonhill, Evans is going to pay the ultimate price for costing me the title. I will beat Evans and then the champion is coming back for my Tri-Counties championship.”

In a mouthwatering handicap, Damien and Scotty Swift will team up to face Sterling Oil in another grudge match.

Damien lost his Undisputed Wrestlezone championship to Sterling’s Shawn Johnson at Summerhill Showdown, in controversial circumstances.

In the title match, Sterling Oil’s manager Richard R Russell took advantage of referee Mikey Innes’ attention being turned.

Russell entered the ring and struck a low blow to unsuspecting defending champion Damien, who was left in pain on the canvas.

Johnson capitalised to score the winning pinfall.

The Revolutionary Damien is gunning for revenge tonight when he teams up with Swift to face Johnson and Alan and William Sterling.

Damien has a rematch clause that he will inevitably use in a bid to re-secure the belt that was cruelly ripped away

Damien said: “I wish I could say congratulations and that the better man won – but I can’t.

“Shawn, you and Russell laid the trap and stupidly I walked into it and now I am minus an undisputed championship.

“But as gutted and devastated as I am, I can take some comfort in the knowledge that Shawn is probably feeling worse than I am.

“I know that was not Plan A. Plan A was going in and telling everyone you could beat me on your own.

“I am sure Plan B was Russell convincing you let’s do this in case something happens.

“I have the knowledge that I have a rematch clause.

“The only knowledge Shawn has is that he can’t beat me. Russell knows I am coming for him.

“My problem is not with Shawn any more, it isn’t with the Sterling Brothers either or Crusher Craib.”

In a strong wrestling card, newly-crowned Tri-Counties champion Aspen Faith will defend his title for the first time against Mikkey Vago.

Mr P will face Crusher Craib, while Nathan North will go up against Chris Archer of The Rejected.

Cysto 2 will face Jason Reed.