Clubs have mixed opinions on colt sides in League Two with most keen to hear fans’ views

Formartine United v Hearts.

A number of League Two clubs have announced their positions on the idea of colt teams joining League Two.

It has been reported that Celtic and Rangers want their colt, or under-20, sides to join League Two because they believe it would help youth development.

The clubs are proposing a two-year trial period where neither colt team could be promoted or relegated from the division.

They have also said they would buy 250 tickets at £10 per head every time they visited, which means clubs could stand to make £15,000 a season.

The idea has been mooted for many years but the proposal has gathered momentum after Premiership colt teams were admitted to the Irn-Bru Cup last season.

For the proposals to be passed, a majority of the SPFL’s 42 member clubs would have to vote for it.

In recent weeks representatives from Celtic and Rangers have been in touch with League Two clubs to try and gain support.

The Evening Express understands that the proposals have been sent to some League Two clubs, but they are very much at the draft stage and no formal document has been prepared yet.

It is also understood that some League Two clubs have held meetings with Celtic and Rangers about the subject.

Despite the lack of a formal proposal being submitted to the SPFL, some clubs have made their positions clear.

In a statement, club Annan Athletic chairman Philip Jones said: “The board at Annan have discussed this and at this time are not minded to support the proposal.”

However, the Galabankies are keen to hear their supporters’ views.

Berwick Rangers have offered support to the idea.

A statement read: “When put in the context of recent seasons, where the club has declared losses of £81,000 and £89,000, and another substantial loss likely for 2017/18, the directors must look to the financial security of the club outwith the rewards associated with a Scottish Cup run.”

Elgin City, Stenhousemuir and Edinburgh City have all asked for opinions from their fans while they consider the proposal.

While Montrose, Stirling Albion, Clyde and Cowdenbeath have not commented on the matter.

Peterhead manager Jim McInally has been a vocal opponent of the idea, but Peterhead FC believe clubs will be given a better understanding of the proposals if they are submitted to the SPFL for member clubs to discuss.