Fraserburgh ready to pull off shock against Rangers in home cracker

Fraserburgh manager Mark Cowie insists they can perform a giant-killing act when they face Rangers in the Scottish Cup.

The Broch were paired with the Gers in yesterday’s draw for the fourth round of the cup in Glasgow.

It was the third last tie to be drawn but Cowie, who watched the draw at Bellslea with his players, sensed they were going to land a big name.

And now that they have he believes they have a chance of causing one of the biggest upsets in the competition’s history.

He said: “You’ve always got a chance in football. You never know if the wind gets up and the pitch isn’t quite a bowling green and it’s cold, you never know in football. I’m a great believer that there is always an upset and everybody has a chance if you put your mind to it.

“We’ll be going to do our best and we go into every game to win regardless of if it’s Rangers or a Highland League game so we’ll come up with a masterplan of how to win the game.”

Cowie revealed how he and his players found out about the draw and summed up what it means for the club and the town of Fraserburgh.

He added: “The draw was at an awkward time but I had a feeling something would happen so I put out a message to the players to see if we could get off work early and meet at the club. The majority of them were able to do it so we were all together watching it on the TV.

“The numbers were coming out slowly and to be honest we were praying we didn’t get a Highland League club because no disrespect but we play them often enough.

“Celtic came out first and then 11 came out and it looked like 17 (Fraserburgh’s number in the draw) so we got a bit excited thinking we were playing Celtic.

“As it got closer to us we knew it would be a big tie because all the teams left were Premiership or Championship teams so we knew we had a good tie.

“When we came out first we were shouting at the screen for 29 (Rangers’ number) and when the ball was turned round and it was 29 you can imagine the roof came off the club.

“It’s a dream tie for us, a lot of work goes into Fraserburgh. We are a team full of history, more about youth than money and we go about things differently.

“For many, many years a lot of hard work has gone in at this football club from the tea ladies right through to the directors and chairman. It’s great for them and great for the town because the town because deserves a bit of good news.

“There will be a good build-up to the game and the game itself will be a great occasion for the whole place so we’re just over the moon.”

The match could be shown live on TV which is expected to net the Broch in the region of £32,500. There have been suggestions that the game could be moved to another venue because of the size of the crowd.

But Broch chairman Finlay Noble is confident the game will remain at Bellslea.

He said: “We have our licence and the rules changed in the summer so that if you have a licenced ground then you need to play the game there.

“The only folk that can move the game now are the police so I’m sure that it will be fine.

“There is a lot to do just purely because of the size of the game and the size of crowd that will want to come.

“We’re looking to get temporary terracing put up and that sort of stuff just to maximise the crowd so we’ll do that.

“A Scottish Cup tie at home to Rangers – you don’t get much bigger than that.

“It’s also for the town as well.

“We get a lot of good local support and that’s one of the reasons we want to keep it at Bellslea.

“I’m sure you’ll find that the town will get right behind us and shops will be decorating their windows and all that stuff.

“That’s normally what happens when you get a good run in the Scottish Cup and it’s about time it happened to the Broch. We have a good loyal support who come along win, lose or draw.”