Boss Cowie urges Broch players to make history against Rangers in Scottish Cup

Mark Cowie.

Fraserburgh manager Mark Cowie has urged his players to seize the chance to become legends by pulling off a shock win against Rangers.

The Broch will face the Gers at Bellslea tomorrow in the Scottish Cup fourth round.

However, the game is subject to a pitch inspection at 12pm today with frost a concern because of the drop in temperatures this week.

If the game does go ahead Broch boss Cowie, pictured, admits it’s unlikely his side will triumph, but has urged his players to embrace the chance to become heroes.

He said: “The players have earned the right to play Rangers and they’ve got the opportunity now to be heroes of the town.“Let’s be realistic, it’s ludicrous for us to think that we might win, and we’re getting ahead of ourselves thinking we might draw the game.

“But football is strange and I’ve no doubts going into this game that my guys will battle and work hard and get in their faces and won’t give them time to settle.

“Sometimes things happen and if it happens tomorrow then great.”

Cowie also said that he and his players feel privileged to be involved in a game of this magnitude.

He added: “Anybody who plays at our level and gets the chance to go up against a club like Rangers has got to feel privileged because it doesn’t come around that often.

“You can say we were lucky to get them in the draw, but we’ve earned it because we won three very difficult games to get to where we are, and that on its own is a great feat for us. “It’s great to be in that bracket with the guys but we’re hoping to put in a performance to make the town and the fans proud of what we do. “It’s going to be a very big ask, but as long as we come off the park and people are speaking about us in a positive manner that is great for us. This is bigger than anything I’ve ever experienced playing and managing.

“I know in the past Fraserburgh managed to pull off a shock and beat Dundee which was a great occasion.

“And they had Celtic in the lifeboat disaster memorial game in 1970. “Those are the two that stick out in my mind and the Dundee game was 1959, so more than 50 years ago and we’re still speaking about. “So hopefully we can still speak about this game in 50 years’ time.”

It would be easy for the players to be overawed by such an occasion – but Cowie has no doubt they will do themselves justice tomorrow.

He said: “I’ve no doubt they’ll do me proud.

“I’ve got pride in them now, never mind after the Rangers game.

“I’m full of pride because of the work-rate they’ve put in and the results they’ve had.

“It’s been brilliant for a club like us and I’m full of pride just now for them.

“The challenge for me is to make sure they are focused, they are bound to be nervous, I still get nervous for Highland League games, never mind Rangers.

“It’s making sure they are focused and not too jittery – but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

“I’ll be delighted if we can compete for 90 minutes with our hearts on our sleeves and go up against them – and I’ll be proud with that.”