Watch: This dog waiting under a fence every day to say hi will brighten your Monday morning

Had a tough morning? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Meet Ralph the dog.

While we can only make out half of Ralph’s face, we can see a whole lot of gorgeous going on.

Every day 17-year-old Elisa Lee would walk past Ralph from her school in California, and soon she developed quite a bond with him. He would be waiting for her every day, ready to be petted through the fence.

Here he is in action.

Their relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: it can get rocky if Elisa isn’t there every day, but Ralph will still be waiting without fail.

Ralph has gained legions of fans online, as people just can’t handle how cute he is. The way he loyally waits for Elisa every day is hitting us right in the feels.

And even though Ralph has become something of an Internet sensation, he hasn’t let that go to his head.

Sniff. Find someone that looks at you like Ralph looks at Elisa.