We’re one step closer to guilt-free chocolate

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Imagine a world where you could eat as much chocolate as you like without suffering the waist-expanding consequences.

Well, we’re one step closer. Research from Temple University in Philadelphia has found that the fat content in chocolate can be reduced by 10-20% by running it through an electric field.

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The normal process for making chocolate involves a high level of fat, to help it flow more easily in liquid form through the machinery. However, the scientists found that running the liquid through an electric field can have a similar effect, by clumping the solid cocoa particles together into chains. This process, called electrorheology, means less fat is needed to help the chocolate flow through the system.

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It’s good news for chocolate-lovers everywhere, not least because some researchers in the lab said the chocolate treated with electrorheology tasted even better than the normal chocolate.

We may not even have to wait that long. The scientists were part-funded by Mars and the report claims “a new class of healthier and tastier chocolate should come soon”.