Wait, McVitie’s says the chocolate is on the bottom of a Hobnob…?

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Is the chocolate on the top or the bottom of a Hobnob?

It’s one of life’s greatest questions that you just assume will go unanswered – but now we’ve heard the answer from the horse’s mouth.

Please can you help us solve a debate in work today.. which is the top of this yummy mcvites chocolate hobnob?? The chocolatey side or the nobby side?? Jay Bush Stephen J Fowlds

Posted by Keely Marie Perryman on Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Keely Marie Perryman took to Facebook to try to get an answer from McVitie’s, and the company’s response might surprise you.

Drum roll, please…

McVitie’s replied: “Our Hobnobs goes (sic) through a reservoir of chocolate, so it’s on the bottom!”

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For many of us, this was not the answer we were expecting. In fact, it’s come as such a shock that some people just don’t know how to continue on with their daily lives. Jay Bush posted on Facebook: “I can’t believe this…my world’s just fallen apart.”

Safe to say some people are taking the news pretty hard.

Others are more woke when it comes to the Hobnob debate. Rob Gadsby made the entirely valid point on Facebook that when you open the pack of biscuits the right way up, the chocolate is on the bottom. It really does make you think.

We knew politics could divide nations, but who knew that biscuits would have a similar effect? Excuse us while we spend some time adjusting to this brave new world of chocolate-bottomed Hobnobs.