Toblerone fans are heartbroken after the chocolate bar’s cost-cutting revamp

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Toblerone fans are heartbroken after the distinctive look of the popular chocolate bar was changed.

Owners Mondelez International has altered the sizing of two of the bars in the UK, resulting the a wider gap between the iconic triangular segments.

Toblerone announced the move was down to the rising costs of ingredients, and it had been forced to choose between upping the price of the treats or reducing their weight.

The 400g bar had been downsized to 360g and the 170g bar to 150g.

Fans of the Swiss chocolate are up in arms at the revamp of their beloved bar.

Of course, there’s always Brexit to blame – despite the fact Switzerland is not actually in the EU and a Mondelez spokeswoman clarifying Brexit was not the reason for the change.

Though, despite the uproar, some people thought there were more important things in the world to worry about…

A spokesperson for Toblerone said: “We always work hard to ensure we offer value for money for our consumers, but like many other companies, unfortunately we are experiencing higher costs for many ingredients. We carry these costs for as long as possible, but to ensure Toblerone remains on shelf, is affordable and retains the iconic shape we all know and love, we have had to reduce the weight of this particular bar.”