Apps that leverage leftovers

And for groceries, Olio ( is like FreeCycle but for leftovers.

Got a cupboard full of sundries you know you’re never going to use? Open the app, add a photo, description and price (if you want) and wait for someone in your neighbourhood to claim that kilo of spelt flour you bought during your short-lived bread-baking phase.

The service uses geolocation so you can see what grub is on offer near you, and donors (who include local business too) can opt to use drop boxes for pick-up instead of their home.

With food waste costing the average family £700 a year, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, these kind of apps are a genius way of using technology to solve a global problem on a local scale.

Satisfying diners, cooks and businesses alike, this is a very tasty next step in the war on waste.