Apps that leverage leftovers

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In that moment, the idea for Trybe (visit, which has just launched in London, was born.

The app provides a platform on which amateur cooks can sell their wares, via either a delivery service or pick-up, and allows hungry Londoners to sample a variety of cuisines and support their neighbours’ entrepreneurial efforts (plans are underway to expand across the UK early next year).

Trybe App
Trybe App

The average order size is £12, which includes two mains, making this a cost-effective way to experience risotto made by an actual Italian, or try authentic home-cooked Thai.

Trybe is just the latest in a growing number of techie food-sharing services to crop up in the UK.

In June, Too Good To Go ( started offering cut-price meals from restaurants, cafes and bakeries that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Available in Brighton, Leeds and London (with Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow coming on board soon), you can choose from more than 170 eateries, with prices ranging from just £2 to £3.80 per portion – you just have to be able to go and pick up your chow an hour before closing.