Graham Hunter: Spain greats loving life without pressure

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas
Goalkeeper Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas has been a big character in my career.

Not only Spain’s captain when they won the World Cup but one of those who first trusted me in Spanish football and who voted that my cameraman and I should be allowed to film inside that World Cup-winning dressing room in 2010. A huge gesture.

A few days ago I went to Porto to film with him again. Big welcome, nice stories etc.

But what really struck me, like when I visited Xavi in Qatar, is how happy he is to be away from Madrid, no appetite to return from Portugal for a while.

“I get peace, I can live,” was his explanation, just as Xavi’s was.

We see the pressure these superstars are under, we imagine that we understand.

But we don’t.

That it’s SO important to them to “depressurise” from their mad lives tells us exactly how mad those lives can get.