Frank Gilfeather: Proportional representation is to blame for council mess

The shenanigans at Aberdeen Town House, where we’ve witnessed just how the proportional representation system muddies our political waters, makes House of Cards look like Andy Pandy.

Our thanks for that go to the Liberals who fought for it for years until they wore everyone down.

The wheeling and dealing in what used to be smoke-filled rooms until the smoking ban was imposed, means that backs that will in time be stabbed are, for the moment, slapped and promises made over how an administration will be formed.

This nonsense might have been avoided had the Liberal Democrat “we don’t do exciting” Party grabbed their chance for a place in the spotlight and join forces with other – non-SNP – parties to get the show on the road.

The decision by Jennifer Stewart – always detached from politics but ever ready to arrange for faulty pavements in her ward to be fixed – to abandon the Lib Dem ship and become an independent is an indication that she wasn’t happy with Iain Yuill, her leader, turning his back on a wee bit of power for their gang of four.

For what it’s worth, I admire Councillor Yuill for that.

Meanwhile, two groups are miffed about this turn of events; the SNP, outmanoeuvred in the end and without power.

Councillor Stewart, however, may just escape the wrath of those Lib Dem voters who put a number next to her name on the ballot paper on the basis that she’s always been an independent of sorts.