Work to prevent homes in North-east town flooding is now complete

Work to keep residents and businesses in the North-east protected from flooding has been completed by a local authority.

Moray Council undertook a £55,000 alleviation scheme which will prevent flood waters from the Longmorn Burn in Elgin from flowing down the road to houses in the event of flooding.

Recycled plastic sheet piles – which are stuck into the ground – were used to reduce the land area taken up by the bank.

A small grassed embankment has been built up on the dry side of the sheet piles, which will strengthen them during floods.

Chairman of the council’s economic development and infrastructure committee Cllr John Cowe said: “The council’s decision to provide this protection will provide peace of mind to those that live alongside the burn, and give continuity to the distillery and other operations during times of flood risk.”

The project follows other flood alleviation schemes undertaken by the council.