Woman thanks North-east care workers who saved her life

A woman who suffered from depression has thanked a team of care workers for saving her life.

Named only as Maureen, the woman told her story in the 2016/17 annual report of Bon Accord Care, which is commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to provide a range of services.

Bon Accord Care organises home helps and Maureen was one of its clients.

She said: “When you have such bad depression, coupled with something like rheumatoid arthritis, which I have, your confidence just evaporates.

“I had got to the stage where I didn’t care about anything or myself.

“I had really let myself go. I’d also lost a lot of weight.”

Maureen described how her City Home Helpers team, Carol and Jen, began to visit her regularly.

They spent at least two hours a week with her, went shopping with Maureen, and helped with the housework and cleaning.

“You could say, quite simply, that Carol and Jen have saved my life,” said Maureen.

She added: “After the third visit, I was beginning to think in terms of a future for myself.

“I was thinking about me as a person, I still mattered – which I had lost all feeling of. And a lot of this was down to Carol and Jen.

“I’m a totally different person.

“Jen and I have been shopping together, and I have been out and about more, which has increased with Jen’s afternoon visit.

“I look forward to that very much.

“Anyone who has problems similar to mine, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending City Home Helpers.”

The report, which is due to be presented to a council meeting next Monday, says the company aims to break even each year, and made a profit of £39,000 on a turnover of £27 million.

Bon Accord Care’s finance director Alistair MacLean said: “The 2016/17 year has been a successful year financially.”

“This has been achieved and the company has also improved its service quality – as measured by the Care Inspectorate.”