Aberdeen woman who lost father and friend to suicide calls for improved mental health services

Nadine lost her dad to suicide 10 years ago, then her close friend Matt.

A woman who lost both her father and a close friend to suicide wants access to mental health services for men improved.

Nadine Ryrie is leaving her life as a junior chef behind in an effort to fight the stigma attached to male mental health.

The 29-year-old’s father Stuart took his own life 11 years ago.

Then, last year, Nadine’s close friend Matt Skinner sadly also ended his life just before Christmas.

These tragic events have inspired Nadine, who lives in Torry, to speak out about the struggle faced by many as they try to find mental health support in the region.

She said: “It’s hard to get help in general – I had to wait six weeks to see a counsellor when my dad passed away and by that point I had already gone off the tracks.

“But I believe this is especially true for men, because there is a pressure to be strong and keep it together.

“I saw that struggle myself with Matt when he was having bad days and I really believe there is still a massive stigma attached for men who suffer from mental health problems.”

As well as looking to start a career in mental health, Nadine has a raft of fundraising events in the pipeline.

Following on from the success of her four-day, 300-mile cycle for London to Paris last year for the Scottish Association of Mental Health, Nadine will take to her bike again this summer, this time cycling from London to Bruges, and then to Amsterdam for the charity MIND.

She said: “I’m hosting an event on Sunday at the Hilton Community Centre, which is a meal and then Matt’s favourite music, as he was a signed DJ.

“It will be a nice opportunity to get everyone together.

“I also want to thank the centre and Lintmill butcher for their help with this.”