Winter weather forces changes to school opening times and transport

Winter weather has impacted a number of schools in the North-east with delayed openings and transport cancelled.

The following Aberdeenshire schools have been affected:

Aboyne Academy will open at 10 am this morning to allow for snow clearing and also to allow time for staff and pupils to travel to school safely. All buses will run one hour later and pupils should report directly to their registration class at 10am. Period 2 will then run from 10.10am. Their will be no assembly.

Aboyne Primary will open to pupils at 10am today to allow everyone to travel safely and for paths, play and car parking areas to be cleared.

Alford Academy SS604C (Watermill – Cushnie) Willl not be running today.

Ballater School will open at 10am to allow for snow clearing and additional travel time if needed.

Ballogie Nursery will have a delayed opening of  9:30am.

Finzean School will open at 9:30am due to areas of flooding and heavy surface water on all routes to the area. School transport is operating but will pick up pupils 30-40 minutes later than normal to be at school for the 9:30am start. Parents and pupils are advised to travel only if safe to do so.

Gordon Schools (The)  Reids Feeder F-NS644O will be running but not picking up at Wheddlemont. Reids Feeder F-NS644P will be running and will attempt to pick up pupils at Mill Cottage.)

Inverurie Academy Due to the flooding on certain routes, two of our transport operators will collect students earlier than scheduled this morning. The SS649E (ABC Bain’s bus) students will be collected approx. 5 minutes earlier than usual.  The SS649D (Stagecoach bus) students will be collected approx. 10 minutes earlier than usual. This adjustment to travel time should allow sufficient time for the drivers to negotiate around flooded sections of the route if required.  Parents/carers of those involved have already been sent a text message to advise them of this. At present, all other school transport will attempt to operate as usual.)

Logie Coldstone School will not open until 10.00am. This is to allow time for travelling safely to school on the roads for staff and families.

Mearns Academy will open as normal today to all staff and pupils. School buses will run although there may be some delays due to localised flooding, particularly around Marykirk. Pupils should go to normal pick up points at normal times. If buses do not turn up after 20 mins please return home.

Meldrum Academy Changes to School Transport Routes (Kineil 705J Old Rayne/Meikle Wartle will not be running the Tocher Kirkton of Rayne part of the route, pick up will be at Rayne North school.****Kineil 705H Methlick will not be running the Skelmonae part of the route, pick up will be at Skelmonae road end.)

Meldrum School Burns Coaches will not be picking up at Bourtie on 670B route.

Tarland School Due to the poor road conditions in places the school and Nursery will not open until 10.00am.  This is to give staff and families time to travel safely.