Doonies Farm and Crathes Castle feature in special ‘Goth on the Croft’ charity calendar

Cat Spence at Doonies Farm

An Aberdeen woman and her friends have pulled on the PVC and applied black make-up to help create a very different calendar for next year.

Spectra Vox, also known as Claire Gerrard who is originally from Aberdeen, decided to create a “Goth on the Croft” calendar to help raise awareness for alternative subcultures and minority groups.

A number of locations across the North-east, from Crathes Castle to Doonies Farm, have been used to shoot the more unusual piece of work.

Spectra Vox poses for the calendar near her home on Lewis

The 38-year-old, who moved to the Isle of Lewis two years ago, got some of her friends together to help with the calendar which she shot earlier this year.

Spectra said: “I have thought about this for a bit and decided to do it in Aberdeen as I have a lot of friends here. I contacted some of them and contacted Crathes Castle and Doonies Farm to see if they would allow us to take some pictures.

“They were both great and one of the girls from Doonies even got involved in one of the months.

“I am trying to raise awareness about different alternative subcultures and minority groups within the community so hopefully this calendar will go a long way to helping.

“I have been a Goth for as long as I know and people used to give me strange looks and say things, but I want people to be accepting of not just Goths but minority groups in our society.”

Spectra decided to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which was set up following the 2007 murder of the 20-year-old who was attacked in a park in Lancashire.

“I picked the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as I feel it does a lot of work to help people come out of their shell a bit more,” Spectra added.

Mel McGregor and John Black at St Fittick’s Parish Church

The singer-songwriter said: “My daughter has autism and my husband is from Lewis so we decided to move there.

“The facilities and the peaceful nature of the place really helps my daughter.

“Lewis also helps me be creative and with this project it allowed me to think of ideas. For instance, working with sheep especially black sheep was important to me as they stand out and so do Goths and people from minority backgrounds.

“The whole point of this project is to help people who are vulnerable and allow them to be themselves.”