Watch: Dashcam footage shows AWPR floodlight dazzling drivers on North-east road

Transport Scotland has apologised after a high-powered floodlight left motorists startled.

The bright light was pointing east towards oncoming traffic on the B9077 by the new River Dee crossing on Saturday afternoon.

With no street lighting on the road and a narrow corner to navigate, one motorist described the added glare as “very disconcerting”.

He added: “It was a wee bit startling, and it was clear it was brighter than the car headlights coming around the corner.

“If there had been a pedestrian nearby I would have struggled to see them.”

Transport Scotland has confirmed the spotlight will be relocated.

A spokesman said: “The contractor has apologised for any inconvenience and is repositioning the lights.”

North-east Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald said similar incidents like this must be avoided in the future.

He said: “Safety is always the top priority on projects like this, and this incident shows how important it is that everyone is vigilant where safety might be compromised.”