Video: Lochside Academy pupils celebrate successes at first awards night

Hundreds of schoolchildren have won awards at a special ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Nearly 400 pupils from Lochside Academy were crowned winners at the event in the city’s Music Hall last night.

Awards, trophies and certificates were handed out to highlight the attainment and achievements of pupils carrying out a range of academic and extracurricular activities.

The ceremony began with a presentation of diplomas of excellence to S1-S4 pupils with an excellent attendance record, who always wear full school uniform and have demonstrated consistent positive behaviour, effort and attitudes throughout the academic session.

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Proud parents and honoured students were also treated to an evening of entertainment with a school band performing during the ceremony.

The group played the Blue Swede song Hooked On A Feeling and the The Rembrandts song I’ll Be There For You.

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Posted by Lochside Academy on Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Four special students were also surprised with awards recognising their outstanding achievement in their particular field.

Cate Buchanan, 16, was presented with awards for her work in art, biology, health, food and technology and religious, moral and philosophical studies.

She was also presented with the Aberdeen University Principal’s Awards Of Excellence, along with Eva Khatun. The winning recipients are chosen for their excellent overall academic potential.

This years winners of faculty awards in Creative and Expressive Arts, Enterprise and Technology, Health and Well-being, Humanities, English, Modern languages, Mathematics and scientific studies.

Posted by Lochside Academy on Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Jasmine Message, 18, walked away with an art award and was praised for her work with the Young Enterprise Group.

She said: “Our enterprise group decided to upcycle old shirts and made our own designs to support the LGBT community.

“It was a good team effort and everyone involved was really talented.”

The youngster was presented with the Robert Gordon University Prize for developing school ethos, given to a senior student who is an inspirational role model for young people.

S6 pupil Shelley Milne was awarded The Lord Provost of Aberdeen’s Cup of Excellence – given to a senior pupil who has demonstrated success in all they have achieved as a “confident individual, responsible citizen, effective contributor and successful learner”.

More of our inspiring young people

Posted by Lochside Academy on Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Head teacher Neil Hendry said: “This is a celebration of our first year at Lochside Academy and it is also an opportunity to stand back and share some of our students’ successes.

“There are more than 300 awards which are being given out for a variety of qualities for achievements – right down to individual subject awards and volunteering recognition.

“For example, the S3s took part in a leadership academy and came back to Lochside where they ran a primary six team building event.

“This shows that it has been a very busy year and there’s been a huge amount of success.”

Councillor John Wheeler, education operational delivery committee, also welcomed the event, the first of its kind at the school.

He said: “What better way to celebrate the first year of the school having been open than an amazing ceremony like this?

“I could not been more proud of the staff, the young people and everything that they have achieved in the first year.

“They have brought the community together and tonight is really about celebrating that success.”

The new £47 million school was built to replace Torry Academy and Kincorth Academy.

It opened on August 23 2018.

Full list of every award winner

Presentation of Diplomas of Excellence

S1 Pupils

A House – Nathan Burnett, Lewis Crichton, Calum Dear, Leo Falconer, Glen Kennedy, Amy-Lee Macdonald, Karmyn Milne, Megan Mitchell, Chantelle Power, Lewis Scott & Thomas Soiza

B House Haileigh Allan, Kayden Beagrie, Finlay Bews, Klaudia Bieszczanin, Frida Lemmon, Jodi Murchie, Callum Somers & Dawid Switon

C House – Ellie Anderson, Ben Cowper, Kira Kirkovits, Amy Merson, Sophie Merson, Trevor Munro, Lucia Pittendreigh, Michelle Srodon & Lexi Walker

D House – Marco Abel, Sofea Ahmad, Robyn Douse, Kyle Duncan, Amy Flockhart, Kacper Jeziorowski, Ricards Korsis, Austeja Sliakaite, Ella Stopper &,Maisie Taylor

E House – Asia Anderson, Paige Burnett, Morgan Conway, Kaisey Cruden, Sarah Hill, Katelyn Leiper & Marta Steke

F House – Lucy Adam, Jaymie- Ray Anderson, Catalina Bardas, Arron Dawson-Leys, Eva Finnie, Hayley Gilbride, Lewis Greig, Harry Hendry, Penny Irvine, Arkadijs Kleins, Harrison Knox, Julia Kot, Ellie Lawson, Alfie McKay, Kerr Murray, Ogaga Omiragwadia, Liam Preston, Fraser Sim, Iona Sim, Jakub Warcholak & Ruby Watt

G House – Erica Brewster, Ewan Coulter, Shauni Ewen, Lucas Hulse, Sophie Johnson, Hubert Maitland, Danny McGregor, Rebecca Millsom, Veronika Mironova, Ellianna Morton, Aaron Pirie, Klaudia Poszkuta, Lee Smith, Dawid Trocki & Oliver Wileman

S2 Pupils

A House – Alfie Bain, Reece Buckley, Sophie Flockhart, Matthew Jopp, Grace Meldrum, Connor Mitchell, Tomasz Piekarski, Alana-Jade Thomson, Bonnie Watt & Dillon Watt

B House – Elizabeth Bullen, Maxim Fjodorov, Aaron Glendinning, Het Makadia, Kayla Masson, Chloe McLaughlin, Aaron Reid, Zak Robertson & Lewis Thompson

C House – Abbie Bodicoat, Callum Hirst, Emma McKenzie, Robbie Milne, Scott Robertson & Amber Selway

D House – Razan Alsbih, Jake Dey, Alexander Galashan, Leah Miller, Owen Parish & Codie Walton

E House – Michele Grieve, Cara Heddle, Kelsey McGhee, Murray Scott, Kuba Trocki & Jamie Wilson

F House – Aaron Findlater, Taher Hejni, Sophie Park, Megan Phillip & Enola Sang

G House – Daniel Balog, Aaron Cameron, Katelyn Hendry, Konrad Kapcinski, Maja

S3 Pupils

A House – Ryan Balloch, Laura Dwojak, John McLachlan, Patrycja Ostrowska & Lauryn Ross

B House – Kamila Bukowska, Aisha Gaye, Greg Reid & Payton Styles

C House – Verity Bremner, Johnny Chen, Michael Falconer & Alaina Sinclair

D House – Luie Duncan, Anrijs Jaundzems, Cassie Shand, Morgan Stopper & Sam Whiffin

E House – Abby Aitken, Kieran Ellis, Jade Gibson & Kieron Wood

F House – Kristin Bruce, Samantha Cargill, Rachel Carty, Walaa Hejni, Aimee Ireland, Ellie Joss, Josh McDonald, Amber Sked, Abigail Stephen, Chelsi Thain & Nadia Vitri

G House – Rebecca Boyne, Jack Dixon, Kotryna Jokubauskaite, Ramsay McDonald, Louise Perfect & Scott Soiza

S4 Pupils

A House – Jamie Forrest, Gordon Fraser, Amy McNicol, Jamie Monks, Kyle Murphy, Travis Stewart & Nathan Thomson

B House – Ross Beagrie, Mateusz Borowicz, Jamie Boylan, Ryan Fraser & Archie Spence

C House – Emma Abramova, Lewis Campbell, Gemma Cutler, McKenzie Tocher & Ellie Yeats

D House – Reem Alsbih, Cate Buchanan, Harry Gray, Eden McRitchie, Dean Melville, Kayleigh Ortiz & Lewis Wilson

E House – Kyle Burnett, Oleg Kovalchuk, Richie McRobbie, Henrijs Stekis & Beata Vitkauskyte

F House – Rio Barbour, Catriona Bruce, Jamie Carty, Lauren Finney, Shane Gordon, Callum Grant, Aisha Grimmer, Ellis Lawrie, Sydney Morgan, Wiktoria Pawelec, Raimonds Stankevics & Alberto Vitri

G House- Katie Fraser, Alicia Hutcheon, Bethany Leys & Ellie Riley

Junior and Senior Young Musician of the Year

Junior: Kacper Walczak

Senior: Ben Campbell

Junior and Senior Young Artist of the Year

Junior: Paulina Lukosiute

Senior: Jasmine Message

Junior and Senior Sports Person of the Year

Junior: Penny Irvine

Senior: Libby Spence

Skills for Work in School Prize

Awarded to: Richard Kecskemeti

STEM Prize

Awarded to: Rachel Milne

Languages Ambassador Prize

Awarded to: Abbie Gray

UK Maths Challenge

S1 Bronze Winners – Marco Abel, Sofea Ahmad, Harry Hendry, Alfie Mckay, Ellianna Morton, Fraser Sim, Thomas Soiza

S2 Bronze Winners – Razan Alsbih, Reece Buckley, Sophie Flockhart, Callum Hirst, Jakub Szamotulski

S1 Silver Winner- Jakub Warcholak Silver and Best in Year

S2 Silver Winner – Kayla Masson Silver

S2 Gold Winner – Kacper Walczak Gold, Best in Year and Best in School

Aberdeen Secondary Schools S2 Division 2 Champions 2019

Presented to: Alfie Bain and Owen Parish, members of the S2 Football Team

Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Dance Competition 2019, Third Place

Presented to: Frida Lemmon, member of the Dance Team

Effective Contributors Awards

Balmoral Offshore Engineering Prize for Effective Community Service

Awarded to: S3 Outward Bound Leadership Group (Laura Dwojak, Aisha Gaye, Harry MacKenzie, Verity Bremner, Nikol Drzezla, Luie Duncan, Cassie Shand, Max Sokolowski, Alec Kilminster, Jade Gibson, Kotryna Jokubauskaite)

Balmoral Offshore Engineering Enterprise Award

Awarded to: Young Enterprise Group (Erin Christie, Sean Duncan, Dylan Fettes, Charlotte Garden, Christian Griva, Sophie Hill, Jasmine Message, Ayla Robertson & Amber Scott)

i -Tech 7 Award for Effective Voluntary Service

Iona Matson

Seatronics Award for Youth Leadership

Awarded to: MATE ROV Group (Bethany Bain, Jamie Boylan, Erin Christie, Ailsa Clark, Kate Grayson, Abigail Groves, Rachel Milne, Ilona Sadovska & Mairi Whittingham)

Balfour Beatty Award for Effective Service to the Environment

Kieran Ellis

PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize for Responsible Citizenship in S4

Nicole Strang

PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize for Responsible Citizenship in S5/6

Awarded to: LGBT + Alliance Group (Erin Christie, Jordyn Cooper, Emily Cowe, Tegan McDougall, Cole Mcleman & Ayla Robertson)

Maureen Watt MSP Prize for Closing The Attainment Gap

Johnny Chen

North East Scotland College Pathways to Employment Award

Portia Munro

Faculty of Creative and Expressive Arts

Art and Design Prizes

S1-3 – Morgan Stopper; S4 – Cate Buchanan; S5/6 – Julia Belza

Music Prizes

S1-3 – Kacper Walczak; S4 – Alberto Vitri; S5/6 – Scott Robertson

Drama Prizes

S1-3 – Sofea Ahmad; S4 – Emma Abramova; S5/6 – Abbey Oulton

Faculty of Enterprise and Technology

Business Education Prizes

S1-3 – Aisha Gaye; S4 – Henrijs Stekis; S5/6 – Kate Evans

Design and Technology Prizes

S1-3 – Johnny Chen; S4 – Callum Grant; S5/6 – Kacey McIvor

Computing Science Prizes

S1-3 – Maisie Taylor; S4 – Alberto Vitri; S5/6 – Oliwer Szmytkowski

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Home Economics Prizes

S1-3 – Veronika Mironova; S4 – Cate Buchanan; S5/6 – Katie Hendry

Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies Prizes

S1-3 – Kamila Bukowska; S4 – Cate Buchanan; S5/6 – Abbey Oulton

Physical Education Prizes

S1-3 – Przemyslaw Berent; S4 – Lewis Wilson; S5/6 – Shelley Milne

Faculty of Humanities

Geography Prizes

S1-3 – Aisha Gaye; S4 – Kayleigh Ortiz; S5/6 – Erin Flockhart

History Prizes

S1-3 – Rachel McLeish; S4 – Gemma Cutler; S5/6 – Faith Borokinni

Modern Studies Prizes

S1-3 – Sophie Flockhart; S4 – Ryan Fraser; S5/6 – Eva Khatun

Faculty of English

English Prizes

S1-3 – Hannah Mitchell; S4 – Emma Abramova; S5/6 – Mia Harman

Faculty of Modern Languages

Modern Languages Prizes

S1-3 – Kayla Masson; S4 – Mateusz Borowicz; S5/6 – Kayleigh Stevens

Faculty of Mathematics

Mathematics Prizes

S1-3 – Patrycja Tetkowska; S4 – Alberto Vitri; S5/6 – Ayla Robertson

Faculty of Scientific Studies

Biology Prizes

S1-3 – Kristin Bruce; S4 – Cate Buchanan; S5/6 – Chiaran Duncan

Chemistry Prizes

S1-3 – Patrycja Tetkowska; S4 – Wiktoria Pawelec; S5/6 – Rachel Milne

Physics Prizes

S1-3 – Johnny Chen; S4 – Jamie Boylan; S5/6 – Rachel Milne

Awards to Recognise Distinction

Robert Gordon University Prize for Developing School Ethos

Jasmine Message

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen’s Cup of Excellence

Shelley Milne

University of Aberdeen Principal’s Awards of Excellence

Cate Buchanan, Eva Khatun