Victory for pupils as Aberdeen City Council votes to phase out single-use plastic

Single-use plastics are expected to be phased out of city council-owned buildings after the move received backing by councillors.

Aberdeen City Council has committed to backing the Final Straw campaign by instructing all council services and arms-length organisations to stop using plastic straws.

Airyhall Primary school and Hanover street school have been working on projects to show how using paper, recyclable straws is better than using plastic straws.

This is provided a procedure can be identified that will allow disabled people to have access to a fully flexible drinking straw should they need it.

Councillors agreed to go further than the campaign by phasing out the use of all single-use plastics in council-owned properties, following consultation with the Disability Equity Partnership.

Co-leader of the local authority Jenny Laing said: “Officers will go off and look at other ways we can cut down on plastic usage.

“Clearly that will cost us a little bit more but I think that’s a price worth paying if we get a cleaner world for future generations.”

The Final Straw campaign aims to crack down on the use of plastic straws in Scotland and was inspired by BBC documentary Blue Planet 2.

Primary pupils from Hanover Street School and Airyhall School attended yesterday’s full council meeting.

Ms Laing told councillors both schools had written to the council to encourage them to back the campaign.

Sir David Attenborough

Hanover Street recently took top spot at the Better Energy School Awards for a project in which they created papier-mache pigs with eco messages on their wings.

Inspired by the environmental damage they had seen in Blue Planet 2, they approached cafe and bar owners to ask them to stop providing single-use items, such as drinking straws, made from plastic.

Ms Laing said: “David Attenborough (presenter of Blue Planet 2) wrote to them to congratulate them on the work they do.”