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Union urges Aberdeen council staff to reject pay deal

Marischal College, Aberdeen City Council's HQ.

Aberdeen council workers have been urged by a trade union to reject a 3% pay increase.

Following a meeting of local government representatives in Glasgow, Unite the union will now hold a consultative ballot in the next few weeks.

The final pay offer was made on Thursday by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) offering a 3% increase for all local government workers earning up to £80,000, rather than the previous threshold of £36,500.

At Aberdeen City Council this would see those in grade four and earning £16,373 receive an increase of £491.19.

Meanwhile, those in grade 17 and earning £58,631 would get an increase of £1,758.93.

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Charlie Macdonald, the vice-chairman of Unite Scotland’s local authority committee, said: “Unite has firmly taken the decision to reject the revised offer by COSLA because it means the lowest-paid workers in local authorities across Scotland will be in an even worse situation.

“COSLA should be doing far more to address the issue of low pay, not making it comparatively worse, while also addressing a fair pay award for the whole local authority workforce.

“It’s bizarre for COSLA to talk about parity of pay while offering those over £80,000 a flat-rate offer of £1,600.”