Transport body looking at creating new bus lane in Aberdeen to help traffic

A transport body is to consider the idea of adding a bus lane to a busy city road to help traffic flow.

North East Transport Partnership (NESTRANS) and Local Authority Bus Operators Forum (LABOF) commissioned civil engineering firm Aecom to complete a report, which looked at bus movements along the Queens Road Corridor between Anderson Drive and Groats Road, with the aim of improving bus flow.

The report – which also suggests banning right turns on to Hazeldene Road at points – is set to be presented to NESTRANS at a meeting next week.

A site investigation and surveys were carried out to assess the current limitations of the roads and identify potential solutions to improve bus journey times and reliability along the route, while also helping pedestrian and cycling movements.

The report highlighted that during the peak morning period, the majority of the queuing on this section of the corridor was on the westbound approach to the King’s Gate roundabout extending back to the Hill of Rubislaw traffic signals.

The signals at the Provost Graham junction, just beyond the roundabout, are also frequently activated during the morning peak – often causing traffic to block back through the roundabout, exacerbating the problem.

Queueing on the approach to King’s Gate was also found to impact the roundabout, causing significant delays and queues.

Proposed measures to help solve these problems include the provision of a westbound bus lane on Queens Road with a restriction on right turns and installation of bus lane camera enforcement facilities.

The transport body will also consider whether a shared use pedestrian and cycle path could be created to replace the current on-street cycle lane.

Members of the board will consider the idea of a westbound bus lane and restrictions on right turns on to Hazeldene Road at Monday’s meeting.