Trams and travelators options to link Aberdeen airport to new P&J Live arena

The P&J Live arena
The P&J Live arena

Trams or moving walkways could be considered as options to connect the airport to Aberdeen’s new exhibition centre.

City council bosses had previously unveiled a rail link between the airport and the new £333 million P&J Live arena at Bucksburn.

However, this has been ruled out after transport consultants estimated the project would be too expensive.

P&J Live

A range of fresh options – including trams – are now under consideration to connect the airport to the venue.

There are also plans to look at developing a new station on the main line within walking distance of the P&J Live.

Rab Dickson, acting director of transport body Nestrans, told a meeting of its board that a rail link would be “very difficult to implement” and is likely to come in at a cost of £100 million excluding land and property costs.

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He added: “I suggest it might be better to look at whether there’s a location we could put in a station.

“We have previously talked about the airport looking at an access strategy.

“I mention every time I see them that we’d like to do something in conjunction with them.

“I’m quite open to whether that should be anything from walking long distance travelators or covered walkways, bus services or fixed trams.

Aberdeen International Airport

“We haven’t really done that piece of work yet but it’s potentially something we could do in partnership with the operators of the exhibition centre and the airport.”

An Aberdeen International Airport spokeswoman said it was open to discussing “fresh and innovative ways” to connect their passengers to the venue.

She added: “The venue will bring a new audience to the city and the airport and we look forward to welcoming them to our upgraded terminal.”

Aberdeen City Council transport spokeswoman Sandra MacDonald added: “We are supportive in principle of any proposal that will enhance connectivity to P&J Live and we look forward to continuing to work with Nestrans and other partners.”