Tory leader Ruth Davidson hits out as Scottish Labour suspends councillors

Ruth Davidson.
Ruth Davidson.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has “shown her true” colours after suspending nine rebel Aberdeen councillors, according to Ruth Davidson.

The Conservatives and Labour confirmed today that they would form a coalition to run Aberdeen City Council.

Labour’s National Executive Committee ruled out a partnership at a meeting last night.

Scottish Labour have now suspended all nine councillors from the party.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: “Kezia Dugdale has shown her true colours.

“As soon as the SNP finally comes under pressure, she can’t wait to help them out by propping them up in local government.

“She says she’ll ‘discipline’ members who even think about working with pro-UK colleagues like the Conservatives, despite Labour and Conservatives having formed the Aberdeen City administration for almost all of her time as leader.

“She really is lost. No wonder Scottish Labour is continuing its death spiral.”