Tea-flavoured gin created in Aberdeen

Adrian Gomes

A tea-lovers’ tipple has been created by a North-east businessman.

A gin, flavoured with tea, is being launched to mark National Tea Day.

Called Jindea, it is the work of three men; Adrian Gomes of Aberdeen events firm 10 Dollar Shake, drinks industry professional Matthew Dakers and Jack Rackham of Emporia brands, a UK spirit distribution and export firm.

The London Dry-style gin is produced using a traditional alembic copper pot still.

It contains 10 botanicals which include its signature ingredient Darjeeling tea, dubbed the champagne of teas.

With strong heritage links to India, the trio were keen to incorporate their families’ history into the gin.

Adrian Gomes, the businessman behind Aberdeen bars The Tippling House, Rye and Soda and Bos’n, is the marketing director for Jindea.

He said: “Matthew and I both have strong ties with India as Matthew’s great grandfather James Crighton Melville was born in India and was a Captain in the Indian Army and my father grew up in Goa where my family worked on India’s railways.

“It’s based on our families’ history but we wanted to make it quite modern and showcase modern day India.”

They enlisted tea sommelier Ajit Madan, who co-founded Camellia’s Tea House in London and is the UK’s first master tea somellier certified by the International Tea Education Institute.

Then the team decided to use first flush Darjeeling from the Goomtee Estate – a plantation in India.

Adrian said there’s a lot more to tea then many people assume.

He said: “Darjeeling tea is known as the champagne of teas and Goomtee Estate is the pinnacle of tea plantations.

“Ajit’s advice was extremely useful and his knowledge will be fundamental in helping us educate people about tea.”

The small batch gin will be available from May. It’s distilled and bottled in France in batches of 3,000 bottles per run and Pre-orders are available on The Drink Shop website.