Three drivers charged in North-east speeding operation

Three drivers have charged by police in relation to speeding offences after an operation in a North-east community.

Officers from the Ellon Community Policing Team carried out a speed enforcement operation in the Newburgh area yesterday.

Three motorists were charged with speeding offences after being detected travelling at speeds between 39mph and 52mph in a 30mph zone.

Of the three, one was issued with fixed penalty ticket and two will be reported to the Procurator

Six drivers were also stopped and issued with warnings regarding their speeds.

The crackdown was part of operation CEDAR.

PC David Ritchie from the Ellon Community Policing Team said: “Although the majority of drivers were found to be abiding by the speeds limit, a number of drivers were stopped and charged regarding speeding offences which varied between 39 and 52mph in a 30mph zone.

“These speeds are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Speeding drastically reduces a driver’s ability to stop and to read the road ahead of them for any hazards.”