Thief who broke into Aberdeen home and stole Christmas gifts feels ‘ashamed’

A Thief who raided a family’s home and stole children’s presents just days before Christmas is “ashamed” of his actions – a court has been told.

Marc Henderson, 32, swiped the gifts from the flat in Aberdeen on December 20 last year after they were wrapped up and stacked under the Christmas tree.

He was caught after neighbours recognised the intruder, who was seen loitering in the landing before crime took place, and helped officers identify the culprit.

Henderson, who has a drug problem, appeared in court yesterday having previously admitted the offence. He had his sentence deferred, to be assessed for his suitability to carry out a programme to address his substance misuse.

Defence lawyer Alex Burn said Henderson, whose address was given in court papers as HMP Grampian, was “ashamed” of his actions and explained he had stolen goods to fund his drug habit which had been “spiralling out of control”.